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Having started out as a property agent in ERA in 2013, David Oh has won multiple awards during this foundation term. Always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that he meets the best of clients' request, he has achieved many awards which includes Divison Top Rookie of 2013, Top ERA New Achiever for July 2013 and the 3rd New Achiever First Quarter of 2014.

Given the number of property agents and the competitiveness of this industry, he has displayed tenacity and hard work ethic by emerging as a top achiever in this industry. This shows his commitment to meeting clients' requests, offering him a better alternative whenever possible, and always being easily available for them should they have any queries.

Moving over to SRI 5000 with more than 3 years of experience, he is well equipped with knowledge of the trends in the real estate market and has a keen eye for opportunities as shown by his awards.

Apartment Rental Top ERA New Achiever July 2013
Apartment Sales Top 10 ERA Achiever July 2013
Landed House Rental  Division Top Achiever July 2013
Landed House Sales Division Top 4th Achiever Nov 2013
HDB Sales Division Top Rookie 2013
Commercial Property Top 3rd New Achiever Q1 2014